Rain Soul

Rain Soul

It is very easy to become malnourished, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Rushing out to work, meeting up with people, juggling a lot of activities at the same time. All this can make you forget to plan a decent meal. Eating sausage roll and other snacks then becomes the daily routine and lets not forget the bottle of soft drink that goes with it. Eating a lot of processed foods like noodles, canned foods etc can drastically reduce the amount of nutrients that your body should be consuming. In the end it’s almost hard to prevent malnutrition. 

Malnutrition is highly underrated issue of not eating enough or eating too much which can lead to health issues that could often be life threatening. Diseases like diabetics, obesity, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and certain cancers can occur as a result of eating too much of certain foods; overeating can cause an increase of body fat that spreads around the internal organs. Eating too little as well, or not having the right nutrients in our food can lead to issues like low immune system (when the body finds it hard to heal itself), falling or breaking hair, dry looking skin, ulcers, etc.

The Product (Rain Soul)

The product Rain Soul was created to prevent all the problems of malnutrition. The product contains sorted nutrients from seeds and natural antioxidants to help the body get all the needed nutrition to heal itself. This organic supplement is great for daily body maintenance and healing .

The product has been said to treat fibroid, high cholesterol, body pains among other health conditions.

Rain Soul is Rain international seed-based nutrition supplement. It is formulated with special seeds to deliver very high doses of antioxidants. 

Soul is the first product in a new health category (seed-based nutrition supplements). The product tastes like a natural seed and fruit blend. It’s designed to slow down ageing and inflammation in the body. The product does not include the potentially harmful or useless fillers that are found in pills, capsules, extracts, oils, etc.

Product description

Each sachet contains a concentrated, antioxidant profile that’s more packed with nutrients than any single fruit or vegetable. It makes the body better equipped to fight off all sorts of environmental oxidation.
Soul not only packs the omega heat (Omega fatty acids), it delivers them to the body in the easiest to digest form. Rain Soul contains anti-inflammatory, energy-enhancing properties and immune strengthening ingredients.

Only cold press non-GMO seeds (GMO seeds are scientifically modified seeds whose DNA have been changed to ensure the resulting plant produces desired characteristics) are used when extracting the condensed nutrients


Soul features the synergistic blend of the black cumin, black raspberry, and chardonnay grape seed. These seed’s health benefits have been studied extensively and have been found to be very effective, their compounds are used as natural medicines in Europe.
The product does not include pesticides or other harmful additives. The ingredients are organic and completely natural.
Brunswick Labs, an independent bio-analytical laboratory serving nutraceutical food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, found Soul to be an effective nutritional supplement that supplies powerful antioxidants and promotes health. 

Soul’s formula provides a synergistic blend of omega-3s and -6s and D-ribose.

product benefits

This product contains condensed nutrition, oxidant-fighters, anti-inflammation and omega-rich compounds that help the body perform at its best.

Soul is packed with

  • anti-inflammatory
  • energy-enhancing and
  • immune strengthening ingredients

Rain Soul has 62% increases in the stimulation of the anti-ageing properties.

Soul also relieves minor muscle pain after exercise.

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  • Bodunrinde olubunmi Christianah
    Posted at 14:21h, 05 October Reply

    I have been using STC 30 with rain soul and I have stomach pain since 4 days ago can I stop it.

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