Stress Management

Stress Management

Our 21st century world is naturally stress induced especially for the urban dwellers. The hustle and bustle to make ends meet is thoroughly draining. Let’s do the math, an average person (imagine his name is Mike) who lives in Lagos state for instance wakes up at 5:30-6:00 am for work. He leaves this early so he can beat the early morning traffic on the road.

He navigates through the traffic either through public transport or his own car. He is able to get to work for 8:00 am. He lives on the mainland and works on the island. Mike is in the office for an average of 9 hours daily (8 am-5 pm) working hard; going for meetings, working on his system, making negotiations. Then he rushes out by 5 pm (if he is lucky enough to leave immediately at closing hour). Mike hits the road and is immensely frustrated with the usual traffic he meets on his way home.The bus driver shouts unnecessarily and blocks his car; one even hits his bumper and instead of apologizing, heaps series of insults on him.

By the time Mike gets home by 9:00 pm he is thoroughly tired, stressed out, fatigued and frustrated. He didn’t really have anything healthy to eat all day, except snacks, fast food and soft drinks. He picks up his laptop just as he’s about to sleep, to check his mail for work related purposes. He’s probably going to bed late tonight. Mike grabs another soft drink from his fridge waiting for his microwaved fast food to be ready.

This is Mike’s typical daily life, which is similar to the average everyday life of an urban dweller, which unfortunately is a very unhealthy one.

Lifestyle according to the dictionary is “a manner of living that reflects a person’s values and attitudes “. It also means someone’s way of living for example the things they do routinely, and it usually becomes a lifestyle once it is repeated over time. 

A stressed life style is not healthy living and one has to be very intentional in making sure that level of stress every day is reduced or managed. This is quite important because stress eventually tells on an individual’s health to a very major extent. Intentionality is the key to living a stress free life healthy life. 

In order to manage stress everyday these tips can help:  

  • Individuals must eat healthy, feeding more on fruits, vegetables, whole grains instead         of fast food and carbonated drinks.
  • Have a healthy sleep life- Scientists have maintained that an average adult should have at                least 7-9 hours of sleep every day to function at their best.
  • Minimize work stress – don’t over work yourself. The body has its own limit it can take. Know            yourself and when your body needs rest, stop work and relax.
  • Even while working, don’t sit still, try to move your muscles from time to time, it allows your              blood flow freely for proper circulation which is healthy for you.


 Overall, a healthy living lifestyle is can not be over emphasised and every individual must be able and willing to lead it every day.

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